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Greetings from the JSDR President

The Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation
Koichirou Ueda

Koichirou Ueda

Since the Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation (JSDR) was established in 1994, membership growth in every year was greater than 15,000 in 2021.

When I think back, the JSDR was born of a society for scientific study at the Rehabilitation Special Hospital of Tokyo. Firstly, we prepared for one hundred seats. However, the society was overflowed including to standees, regardless of changing to twice accommodation room.

This phenomenon gave promise of current prosperity.

The JSDR society was built up by the creation of Professor Yoshihiro Kaneko who was the first President, second one was Professor Eiichi Saitoh, third one was Professor Akio Tsubahara, and other honorary member of the board of directors, and is assuming the tradition until now. I will do my best to develop the society as the fourth-generation president.

In our society, various projects have been safety in orbit: system of certified medical professions, seminars officially authorized by the JSDR, open lectures for all citizens, e-learning system, research promotion system, formulation of practice guideline.

In addition, we convene the Annual Meeting of Dysphagia Research in every year and publish the Japanese Journal of Dysphagia Rehabilitation at the rate of 3 times per year.

Field of Dysphagia Rehabilitation has grown with each passing year for needs in foreign such as Asia, Europe, America and so on.

In the structural outline in the cooperation of multi-occupation, JSDR achieves the status of one of the word’s frontrunners. Furthermore, we grope to convene an international institution through interaction for the transmission of information.

"We must be cognizant of the fundamental philosophical construct for developing the progress of the field of Dysphagia Rehabilitation." "Namely, we can greatly benefit from the cooperation being careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater." (from a prefatory note in Vol. 1, No. 1 of the JSDR journal). The general idea of this document written by Professor Kaneko, the first president, will be no-change forever in the age to come.

Innovation in technology cannot be done without an argument of a construction of a theory and I think what ought not to be done by a period of time or one organ,

A living is stacked an episode in layers.

When we come up against each laboratory data result, we do not diagnosis from each numerical value. Namely, we must readjust to the other perspective of view separately from numerical value.

Following the tradition of the hop, step, and jump accomplished by past three presidents, 10,000 members with us want to continue the step that can sense the touch at every step to each sole.

Now, a door of the 21st century is opening and we are stepping out together, and furthermore we hope to advance more with support of member and guidance.